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Client Experiences

"Ross facilitated multiple group therapy sessions when I was in treatment such as body image, relapse prevention and more. Ross goes above and beyond in every interaction I’ve ever had with him to make me and everyone else feel heard, safe, and related to. Ross is an exceptional therapist and I am not exaggerating when I say that he saved my life on multiple occasions, and I am confident that others feel that way too. Ross’ insight and heart for what he does is invaluable, and it shows with every moment I spent with him. He uses examples of his own personal struggles while keeping his composure and not crossing boundaries.


That being said, as someone who struggles with mental illnesses, it is devastatingly crucial to have a professional that you can talk to who has worked through similar struggles. I would not wish my struggles on anyone, but I dare not think of where I would be had I never met Ross and heard his personal testimonies throughout my most difficult and vulnerable times. Basically, Ross is amazing and I feel astoundingly lucky to have had his presence as a group therapist and facilitator while I did. He is an exceptional therapist and human. His heart is in it for all the right reasons, and it very much shows. Plus, he wears cool shoes, and who doesn’t want a therapist who wears cool shoes? He’s also mightily on his way to being a Ted Talk speaker, mark my words."


- LW

Hi Ross,


I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done for me. Ive gone through several different healing processes with you and although they are all completely different, I always come out a stronger person! I never feel like you're judging me and I always feel comfortable talking about my true feelings and really putting everything out there no matter how crazy it sounds. 


This might be my hardest healing journey yet but Im proud of everything we've talked about in our recent sessions and I can't wait to make my next appointment.


Thank you for being a great therapist. 


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