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Lover's Point - Pacific Grove

Treatment Philosophy

I have spent many years working with a number of different populations, from Autism Spectrum Disorders to Eating and Feeding Disorders. The beauty of working in mental health for almost half my life is that I truly believe in the power of the therapeutic process and how we address the things in life that are no longer functional. The root cause of the distress is my focus because it demands such intricate and tactful navigation.

Emotional distress is a symptom of old burdens, old wounds, and things we carry that do not belong to us. Shedding the anger, shame, and pain of the past is a critical step in allowing us to see the possibility of something different, however brief or slightly it happens to be, and open the door to a range of feelings, strengths, and authenticities that have been locked away for so long.

Using what I have learned from various modalities, I am confident that I can help guide folks in seeking answers, in seeking truth, and in seeking healing. Therapy is a multi-directional experience that is both “top down” and “bottom up”, meaning there are very effective skill-based technics such as CBT and DBT in addition to more experiential and trauma-focused ways of addressing emotional distress. The way I view therapy is that both processes are valuable and help me form a plan that is tailored specifically to each of my clients. 

When it comes to therapy, I firmly believe in client accountability and client responsibility. When we address the things in life which are no longer working, we are making a conscious choice to do something different. If there is a desire to enact real change, and to work diligently to enact said change, then I am here and ready to work alongside. 

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