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Change the Conversation - Intention

In this field, we hear a lot about setting intentions. The idea being - if we focus our mental and spiritual energy into some idea, some form, some goal, some outcome...we have the ability to manifest these intentions in real life.

This being the inaugural blog for my #changetheconversation series, I would like to make the following intentions:

1. I intend for this blog and the ideas, words, and thoughts within to reach those who resonate.

2. I intend for these words to be my truth and my experience.

3. I intend for my thoughts to explore, but reserve explanation; to question and to seek answer; to lift up the experience of those who take part; and to evoke. The ability to evoke emotion, to evoke substance, to evoke ideas is an art never fully mastered. And I intend on making this my purpose and my sojourn in the pieces to follow.

4. I intend to speak to the things in life that want to remain silent. That want to remain unseen.

5. I intend to fearlessly engage my traumatic experiences...and their outcomes.

6. I intend to never again be silent in the conditioning of old.

7. I intend to share, to heal, and to let go.

8. I intend to dedicate my work to those who do not have voice, to those seeking their voice, to those who are heard, and to those that refuse to go unheard ever again.

9. I intend to speak against the cultural norm of shame, and its impact on my experience.

10. And I intend to show that strength...true strength lies in the ability to be vulnerable, not walled off.

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